Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Numero Uno


Hello out there! We are super excited to bring you a project that has been a long time in the making. 

We are one half photographer (CC = Studio Flamingo) and one half designer (Sinead = Sinead James The Label). We were lucky enough to meet at the very beginning of our careers 3 years ago & instantly hit it off on a personal, professional and creative level. We shared similar ideals about business & became each others support & motivational system. The fashion industry is highly competitive, cut throat, fickle & filled with a roller coaster of emotions so to have each other (who we know wholeheartedly understands) there to pick the other back up is pretty invaluable. We know the ins & outs of each others businesses & lives & that is such a comfort. But it's not all friendship bracelets & matching bff tattoo's - we are both incredibly stubborn, disagree often and challenge one another constantly. 

We have both had our individual blogs for the past year but felt they were not really fulfilling for ourselves, nor our readers. We wanted to utilise a platform where we can talk about our careers - the highs, the lows, the glamorous & the not so glamourous. We wanted to give a real account of whats its like as an up & comer in this industry. 

Working in the fashion industry, & as absolute genuine lovers of fashion, we talk daily about clothes -  what we are coveting & how we styled our rad new purchase that day. So we decided that instead of talking to just each other about our careers & wardrobes, why don't we put it all out there for a wider audience. Maybe there'll be a few other people that are interested in our ramblings. Maybe not. Either way we'll be air kissing our way through this industry for a very long time & we welcome you to join our adventures.


CC & SIN x 

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