Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lady Boy

Ok i'm gonna tell you something I probably shouldn't... sooooo i'm not really into this whole fashion streetstyle blogging thang. I'm a little self-conscious about my current weight and i'm a comfort dresser so as much as I do love fashion, buying and wearing it, it's not like i'm going to be in contention for any best dressed lists anytime soon. When shooting for the blog, I always take my time shooting with Sinead - looking for the best location and light, but with myself I just wanna get in and get out - back to the comfort of my role behind the camera. 

Sinead loves it though, and I enjoy shooting her, but I actually really relish my more career driven posts. So I think we will need to reassess how we do things here at CC&SIN. Focus on our strengths and what motivates us.  But don't worry, you'll still see my pink head all over the shop - it just won't be as streetstyle-y as say this post. 

Enough about that shizzle - let's talk about the clothes already. So usually, I dress like a boy. If I could have a wardrobe entirely made up of jeans and expensive shirts i'd be the happiest little vegemite. But lately, something has happened, something has changed. It may be a sub-conscious reaction to the pink hurr. All of a sudden, I kinda like dressing like a lady! Weeeeird! Dresses, full skirts, floral and heels - wtf!? So after Sinead bought this striped skirt from Sportsgirl, I went and bought it too (we often buy the same clothes, BFF's - duh). We wear it completely differently but I dig it. Clashed with some leopard print for a dressier look or dressed down with an adidas tshirt and slides for something a bit for low key. I ended up wearing this look to my 10 year reunion at the races and I felt comfortable and feminine. Perfect. 

Should we take a second to acknowledge my beautiful new Status Anxiety handbag. Ugh. Dead. I've been lusting after it for a looong time and finally bit the bullet. It's the most amazing leather and an Australian brand - i'm all about supporting our local industry as you know.

Shirt: Toi Et Moi | Skirt: Sportsgirl | Shoes: London Rebel | Bag: Status Anxiety | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Ear Cuff: H&M | Watch: Casio

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