Monday, September 22, 2014

Naughty Blogger

Ok yes, I do realise that our blogging of late has been sporadic and slack. And yes, I am sorry. But we're still here, we're just busy werrrkin and trying to turn a dollar. Just give me a moment to explain myself and then maybe we can talk about being friends again... 

Here's what i've been up to... 

Shooting and editing my campaign for my favourite bohemian jeweller, Hunter Gatherer. You may have seen a couple of teaser images on instagram. Really excited for this one to launch and this is my 5th time shooting for this brand. I have a really trusting relationship with Designer Renee and we always do great work together. Sending through the final images to HG tonight. Keep your eyes peeled for this one, will be doing a BTS post once it has launched. 

I was also brought on board at the very last minute to shoot a swimwear campaign with Laurallie Swim (i'm talking with less than 24 hours until call time I was booked, ahh life on the edge). I love shooting swimwear and had a great time running around the beach with a couple of babes. Keep an eye out for the release this week!

Shot another lookbook for Madlove The Label - my 3rd with these guys. Always a great time and a team I feel very comfortable with. I can't share the images from this one yet so here's an outtake from our first lookbook. 

Had my very first showcase at Raw Gold Coast. This was pretty exciting for me as I knew a large amount of people would be viewing my work in the flesh. It's also a little daunting - what if people think my work is shit? Which images should I choose to showcase that best show off my work? What if the other photographers there are waaaaaaay better than meeeeeeeee? Well it all went perfectly and I got great feedback, I was very grateful to Raw for asking me to a part of this event and I love what they are doing for the local arts industry. Here's one of the images I showed.

Shot and edited my first cover shoot which has now been released - Rock'n'Roll - for Fashion Observer Magazine. Pretty darn exciting and a major milestone ticked off my list. You can view the shoot/magazine HERE otherwise i'll be sharing the full shoot on ze blog soon. 

Shot my first beauty campaign for new brand KSI Cosmetics. Beauty shoots are quite challenging and it is imperative that everything looks perfect. Beauty is all about selling a 'can't live without' product so every little detail needs to be flawless. The brains behind KSI Cosmetics is Katherine, a very talented make-up artist and a total professional. I loved all her products and can see big things for this brand. Can't wait to release the campaign in a few weeks. After the campaign shots we had a little bit of fun with some bubbles and a hair flick with gorgeous model Rosanna Arkle. Here's a little teaser. 

It's also that time of year for the Monster Children Photo Annual. I enter every year and every year the field just gets more and more amazing. Gosh there are some talented peeps around. I didn't have very high hopes of making the cut but when MC shared one of my images on their Facebook page and it got a tonne of likes, comments and shares I accidentally got really excited. I usually don't let myself get too excited about things like this because so often they fall through and i'm left in the depths of depression for a week taking solitude with a bottle of whiskey and sad country music. This is quite confusing for my boyfriend as I don't listen to country music...or drink whiskey.  BUT I DIGRESS... So turns out, I didn't make the shortlist for the Monster Children Comp. Cue "Geordie, where the fuck is the WHISKEY?!?!". So moral of the story is, if you're going to choose a life of creativity - always make sure there is whiskey somewhere in the house and add some Garth Brooks to your playlist immediately. 

Ok so now do you understand why I have been so distant? It's been a pretty intense month as you can see. I will do my best to get some more content out to you a bit more regularly but ya know, a gal needs sleep! Coming up on the agenda - model portfolio's, a lookbook/campaign, a magazine editorial and my 10 year reunion. I don't know whether that last part is exciting or depressing. Maybe both? Has it really been 10 years? My crows feet don't lie.... cue country music! 

CC xxx

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