Monday, July 28, 2014

We Do

Guys we did it. On a chilly but sunny afternoon in the gypsy hills of Byron Bay, Sinead and I committed our lives to each other by saying "I do". With only our most loved ones by our side (our boyfriends), we downed tequila and danced until the early dawn in celebration of our official blogging union. 

So without further ado, may we please present.... Mr & Mrs CC&SIN. 

(insert loud applaud and whistles here). 

So after our union we would have enjoyed nothing more than a relaxing and cocktail filled honeymoon where we ate more than our bodies could handle and covered our shame with designer kaftans. But us workin gals had to get straight back to it and our little blog here had to be temporarily put on the back burner. 

Last week was one of Carlene's busiest weeks of the year so far shooting 2 fashion campaigns (check insta for some sneak peaks @studioflamingo), a corporate shoot and an album cover shoot for a rock band. Add into the mix a pile of editing the size of Texas and you've got one sleepless lass. 

Sinead received her first drop from her new collection, Panthera, from the manufactures - so after the initial squeals of excitement subsided she then began the tedious task of sorting and preparing orders, quality control, updating the website and online shop, invoicing and also had to prepare for a trip to Sydney to visit stockists. 

Hey, nobody said following your dreams would be easy. Nobody said you would be really well rested and stress free. Nobody said you'd be rich. But fuck we're happy, and together we feel unstoppable. 

CC&SIN xxx

P.S. We luuuuuurve our ceremonious threads by Coast by Kate Campbell. We'll be showcasing some more new season Coast soon. 

SIN - Dress : Coast by Kate Campbell

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