Monday, July 21, 2014

Miami Shore

Recently "The Twins" Brooke & Ellie approached me about doing some promotional shots to use for their DJ tour. Well as you can see the girls are kinda like acid barbie/kawaii/sailor moon twins so I knew working with them was gonna be super fun. 

With all 3 of us running around with candy coloured hair, a pink haired pony named Ryan Gosling and a wardrobe of epileptic inducing threads it must have looked like the circus was in town. 

We got some seriously rad shots and it was just a cruisy, all-round awesome day. I can't wait to shoot with the girls again.

This is just one part of the shoot, shot at the amazing Miami Shore Motel that really feels likes it's been untouched since the 70's. I wish the Gold Coast would leave some of it's more quirky, retro establishments just as they are. 

Big shout out to Molly & Polly and The Coin Laundry for lending us some rad gear for the day. 

Peace. CC xxx

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