Thursday, January 1, 2015

Vacay Baby!

Has it really been this long since we've posted?! Ok I know it's been this long, CC&SIN permanently sits in my frontal lobe reminding me daily of it's existence and need for attention. But as the end of year approached and I found myself far busier with bookings than expected and on the brink of burnout, I just had nothin. Sorry folks. BUT as we sail into a new and exciting year I have some wonderful news...i'm going on vacay month woop! 2 separate holidays in 1 month!!! I know, I know who do I think I am? Rihanna?! Sometimes yes I think i'm Rihanna.  And this is great news for CC&SIN readers as I will be shooting some super rad, summer vibey, vacay content for you. Sweet! So on Sunday I will be boarding a grand ship and cruising the pacific ocean with my make-up artist/stylist/my sometime model/equally boozey galfriend Amber. We've got some designer threads in tow, a camera and our sailor hats packed and ready to take us across the sees to Vanuatu. 

Ever since booking this trip I have had a very clear vision about how I imagined it to be and what I would swan around in. I see lots of retro feels, tropical, undone mens shirts over bikini's, straw hats, red lips around the pool, powder blue hues, crisp whites and a constant cocktail in hand. Here's some visualisation for you all to get super jealous over. 

Brand spankin new content coming soon! 


CC xxx 

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