Sunday, August 17, 2014

Where's my Muu Muu?

There's a fashion combo I find myself coming back to time and time again - a button up shirt/blouse, jeans and heels. I'm low maintenance and comfort is EVERYTHING also important which basically means I just want to spend my days being Homer Simpson in a muu muu and a floppy cap. BUT I work in fashion and a muu muu is not sexy darling so I upgrade to the modest yet classic jeans and shirt duo. However, when I walk out the door in a pair of skinnies, a silky slightly unbuttoned blouse, a lip and a heel I feel anything but modest - I feel confident and sexy. That is until I realise I have lipstick all over my teeth. Ahhh but one must try right?

Loving the lace detail on this blouse by Madlove. Comfortable, a little sexy and black. Tick. 

CC xxx  

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